This easy to use Qibla Finder App is ideal to find the exact location of Kaaba (Qibla). The correct way to offer Islamic Prayers (Namaz or Muslim Prayers) is to face in the right direction, i.e. the direction of Mecca or Kaaba.

Qibla Finder App

While offering Namaz, Muslim or Islamic Prayers have you ever wondered -

- What is the Qibla direction from my current location?

- Which way is Qibla Rukh or Qibla Numa?

- What should be Namaz Direction?

- Which direction to face during during ṣalāh?

- How to Find my Qibla?

Then, this Qibla Finder App with in-build compass is your answer! In one click, you get the qibla direction from current location.

Download now, and see how easy it is to find Mecca. As the compass will point in accurate direction automatically.

Note: To find accurate Kaaba location, your device must have Magnetic Sensor and the location services to be turned ON. It might take compass some time to locate mecca initially but the more you use the app, the compass gets better and faster in finding finding Qibla / Kaaba / Mecca Location.

The Qibla (قِبْلَة‎‎, "Direction", also known as Kiblah, Kıble, Qibleh, Kibla or Qiblah). It is basically the direction of the Kaaba in the Hejazi city of Mecca. The app compass makes it easy to locate (point in right direction) while offering prayers.